Taylor 316ce 2014 Grand Symphony - Select - BLACK FRIDAY ONLY REDUCED

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This wonderful 316ce is a superb example of what happenswhen a high quality acoustic guitar reaches the point that it begins to open up– the sound of this 316 is absolutely jaw dropping! As impressive, is the way it’s been setup -literally plays like a dream.

At PierreMusic, we go through a lot of guitars and we try to accurately describe eachand every one.  With that said, I rarely write an actual review based on my personal experience with the instrument, but couldn't help myself avoid it with this one. Of the many guitars we have for sale, I have never played anything quite like this 316. As a general rule, Taylor's 300 series play well and sound good, but this one is an absolute exception. I personally own a 916ce that I dearly love,but was truthfully unable to distinguish between the two, either in tone andsustain, or playability – I was absolutely floored by this instrument. The sustain, from note to note, is incredible all the way up the neck, and the set is absolutely perfect.  As solid wood guitars age, when properly cared for, the sustain and intonation tend to become more pronounced (open up), and the ability to utilize that increase makes all the difference in the world in the way it sounds - and that is precisely where this instrument is at.

From a condition standpoint, the guitar is flawless,absolutely mint from the head stock to the deluxe case – not a scratch or blushon it.  If you’re looking for a Taylor intheir Grand Symphony body style and would like to find one that’s a pure joy and wonder toplay, you’ll want to seriously consider this outstanding instrument.

Finally, remember we have a 7 day return policy - the only risk you take is the cost of shipping to return it if you don't find it to be exactly as described.  I would love to see this instrument go to someone that will appreciate this exceptional 316.

Please feel free to make us an offer -

Bob Hopper, Pierre Music