ProX XCP-4CH Cable Protector 4 Channels

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This XCP-4CH cable protector provides 4 Channels, keeping your wires covered and performing at their best. The strong, rubber material keeps wires from getting damaged by foot traffic and vehicles present in a busy work environment. The individual channels maintain organization and thorough protection for each wire. The interlocking ends permit use of multiple protectors in unison, facilitating wire coverage across long distances. The built-in handle makes it easy to construct pathways and re-arrange them according to your business needs. This protective cover is the top choice for indoor and outdoor events that require convenient and efficient coverage, such as live performances and mobile DJ setups.


Dimensions: 32L x 21.5W x 2.5H
Each channel: 32L X 1.5W X 1.5H

  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Modular design allows connection of multiple covers
  • Hinged lid for hassle-free cable removal
  • Non-conductive
  • Yellow/black color
  • Built-in hand grip
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Shipping Dimensions
35.00"L X 21.00"D X 4.00"H
Weight: 34.00 lbs