ProX XC-RJ45XM5 RJ45 to 5PIN Male DMX Connector

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This XC-RJ45XM5 is a RJ45 to 5PIN Male DMX Connector. The XLRJ45 adapter makes it possible to use any CAT-5 ethernet cable as a DMX512 cable. XLRJ45 is an adapter to convert a DMX512 XLR connector to a RJ45 connector.

We know the importance of cables to your performance. Therefore, ProX has the XLRJ45 available in four versions, 3-pin male or female XLR or 5-pin male or female XLR.  The different adapters can be mixed to make, for example, a 5-pin to 3-pin cable. This XC-RJ45XM5 connector produces uncompromising signal power, frequency handling and data reproduction.

The connector is all Silver plated metal; designed to provide you with years of dependable sound reproduction and outlast every other cable on the market!  This connector is very useful for making a DMX512 cable quickly and at a very low cost.

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RJ45 to 5PIN Male DMX