ProX LCD Plasma Screen Mount Aluminum Stage Lighting DJ Shows

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The ProX XT-Plasma Plasma/LCD mount is designed to securely attach video monitors to the square truss without a hassle. The 2" diameter, meter-long aluminum bar will help connect any 42- to 50-inch plasma or LCD-screen TV to standard square truss using two Narrow Clamps.

ProX Truss is a tough yet portable trussing solution that is ideal for travelling DJs, artists, performances, nightclubs or stage shows, constructed specifically with top-tier safety and performance in mind. ProX Truss is built from modular aluminum components that connect together into an infinite array of configurations. The core of our system is square truss that features a conical connector system that seamlessly fits with all other major truss manufacturer's styles and sizes. The truss comes in many different lengths and integrates with a variety of corners, base plates, and simple-to-use connectors and accessories that keep your system stable while making set-up quick and easy.



To Fit

Standard LCD/Plasma Screens 42"-50"

40.00"Length (L) X 6.00"Width (W) X 5.00"Height (H)

Shipping Dimensions
42.00"L X 6.00"D X 5.00"H
Weight: 11.00 lbs