Ludwig L348TH Professional Grade Drum Throne

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The L348TH Drum throne by Ludwig is a professional grade throne at a very affordable price.
Featuring a double-braced tripod-base that is very stable, durable and suitable for all players. The padded seat cushion makes it possible to play even the longest gigs with no problems.

There’s a reason the world’s best drummers are playing Ludwig drums. Because for 90 years, Ludwig has designed and crafted their drum kits and components with both eyes on quality, and both ears on sound. The Ludwig sound is inimitable. The look? To say they look good is simply an understatement.

But that beauty is more than skin deep. Ludwig knows that along with your music comes a long series of setups, performances, tear downs and moves. So they build their products to keep looking and sounding good, gig after gig after gig.