G & L Tribute Series S-500 Vintage White

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If you’ve ever wanted to own one of Leo’s tricked guitars, you'll never find anew one at a better price. We are a fullservice music store in a small town with a very limited market for electricguitars.  Consequently, we’re offeringthis “New Old Stock” G&L S-500™ at a thief’s price in order to increase ourline of acoustic guitars. If you’reunfamiliar with the S-500, you’re in for a surprise. In short, it’s the result of Leo’s evolutionof the traditional double-cutaway bolt-on axe, delivering outstanding innovationsincluding the Dual-Fulcrum™ vibrato and Magnetic Field Design™ single-coilpickups, each designed by Leo Fender himself. These MFD™ pickups deliver abright and sparkly top end and robust bottom end, all without losing midrangefocus.

You’ll find plenty of punch in the MFD pickups,but what’s surprising is how glassy and detailed they become as you roll backthe volume and bass controls, the latter a part of the S-500’s PTB™ (PassiveTreble and Bass) system which functions on all three pickups. What’s more, theG&L Tribute® Series S-500 includes a push-pull expander switch on thetreble pot to allow neck+bridge or all three pickups together. In a pinch, theneck+bridge combo does a convincing faux ASAT™ Special. What a super sounding, versatile guitar!

Fits any standard strat case - not included.