CAD Audio MH510 Closed-back Studio Headphones - Black - Two Cables, Two Sets Earpads

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These are fabulous headphones. We are getting some major love from performing artists, pro and collegiate athletes, studio musicians and engineers and many others. They've been seen on Grammy's, movies, ESPN and many other high profile venues. Guess what??? They are buying them!!! We aren't giving them away. These people are buying our headphones. You can too.

The cable is detachable. So, if you're in the studio or working at home and need to have a compact option...use the coil cable. If you're working out or just wanting to relax to your favorite tunes...use the straight cable. (we've even included several different ear pads and input plugs to make your listening more enjoyable.)


Frequency Response: 10Hz – 24,000KHz
SPL: 103dB
Max Input: 3000mW
Impedance: 26 ohms
Driver Size: 50mm Neodymium
Cable Length: Straight–10 feet, Coiled–3.5+ feet