CAD Audio 930VPL Variable Polar Pattern, Prog Switch, Boundary Mic w/active LED & Logic

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Now one boundary mic can suit almost any challenge when tasked to
perform on altars, conference tables and stage floors or in media production.
Because the Astatic 930VPL has variable pick-up pattern selection
it can shorten the list of products an audio system designer requires
when boundary mics are specified. From omni-directional to cardioid,
hypercardioid, figure-of-eight and all tight or wide directional pick-up
patterns in between, an installer or designer can precisely tailor the mics
pick-up pattern for the best performance depending on the application or
environment. Selectable power-up on or power-up muted modes using
dip switches. Features the RF Resistant Architecture, programmable
feather touch membrane with LED, contact closure in and out interface,
and a bottom exit cable option.