*BUNDLE* Roland FA-06 Synthesizer: Ultimate All-In-One Workstation PLUS ProX XC-DP10 Dual 1/4" TS to Dual 1/4 "TS UnBalanced High Performance Audio Cable 10FT

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FA-06 What Creative Excitement is all About

Roland Takes all the “Work” Out of the Music Workstation

Roland’s new FA series completely reimagines the musicworkstation, streamlining it for effortless real-time power, ultra-fastworkflow, and maximum versatility. Ready to support any type of music you play,the FA-06 is packed with a massive sound collection inherited from the flagshipINTEGRA-7, a ton of studio-quality effects, and expressive real-time controls,plus onboard sampling with zero load time for instant audio playback from the16 backlit pads. The sequencer features simple operation and non-stop looprecording, letting you capture songs and ideas as they come and export them asmultitrack data to use with your DAW. Flowing seamlessly into every part ofyour creative world, the FA-06 morphs instantly from a standalone keyboard tobecome the command center of your computer music studio, with USB audio/MIDIinterfacing, powerful real-time controllers, DAW transport controls, and muchmore.

  • Reimagined music workstation designed to maximize your creative flow
  • Light, mobile body with 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard
  • Over 2000 sounds from the flagship INTEGRA-7 sound module, including SuperNATURAL synth and acoustic tones and drums; add even more tones via internal wave sound expansion slots
  • SuperNATURAL synth engine is fully compatible with the expansive collection of free INTEGRA-7 synth tones available from Roland’s Axial sound library site
  • 16-track sequencer with non-stop loop recording makes it easy to build songs quickly; export your sequencer tracks to an SDHC card as a complete stereo mix, or as multitrack audio or MIDI data for use in your DAW
  • Onboard sampler based on the SP-404SX features 16 pads x 4 banks and direct recording/playback via SDHC cards
  • Polish your sounds with a multitude of studio-quality effects, including 16 independent MFX engines, six COMP+EQ processors for drums, unique TFX (total effects), and global EQ, chorus, and reverb
  • Tweak tones, effects, and external MIDI devices in real time with six user-assignable Sound Modify knobs
  • Intuitive, streamlined interface with large color LCD
  • Press one button to instantly configure the FA-06 for use with your DAW via USB
  • D-Beam, Rhythm Pattern, Arpeggiator, and Chord Memory functions to expand your creative palette
  • Guitar/Mic and Line input jacks for performing, sampling, and DAW audio recording; dedicated input reverb provides ambience for performing/recording
  • USB ports for sound expansion data, updates, and audio/MIDI interfacing with a computer; MIDI communication with the iPad is possible when using Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit

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ProX XC-DP10 Dual 1/4" TS to Dual 1/4 "TS UnBalanced High Performance Audio Cable 10FT


Prox cables provides audiophiles with amazing sound cables. We know cables are not just cables, they are what protects your sound from being altered. Uncompromised signal power, frequency handling, and sound reproduction is what we are passionate about.

- ProX XC-DP10 is ideal for professional touring and live sound applications where a device with a dual 1/4" output/input needs to be connected to a device with a dual 1/4" output/input.

- 93% braided OFC Copper Compact shield to reduce noise and protect pure sound transfer.

- Compact cable diameter to decrease eddy currents.

- Bending, Twisting, are no match for our high performance tour-grade audio cables. They're designed to provide years of dependable soundreproduction and outlast every other cable on the market! Complete Coil technology demands consistent weave tolerances to create precise accuracy and detailed clarity. This is the most important part of the design and greatly affects performance.

- Gold/Silver plated all metal unbalanced 1/4" connectors for excellent durability and superior signal transfer.
- 20 AWG x 2 Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors
- Extra Durable & Flexable long life construction
- ProX Limited Lifetime Warranty - Protect Your Sound!

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