40" Mirror Ball Polyfoam ProX MB-40 2016 Glass

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This is the ultimate start for your party! The 40 inch Mirror Ball is the perfect way to get your crowd moving, with its classic effects that work well with any lighting rig.

Our MB-40 mirror ball is made of polyfoam, and 3/4" glass mirror tiles which are smaller than those commonly used today. As a result, they offer an increased number of reflective tiles for a more dazzling and colorful effect.You can achieve the classic disco effect through the use of a mirror ball motor and follow spot (sold separately). Our mirror balls are available in many sizes.


Polyfoam Core, uses 3/4" Glass Mirror Tiles.

Only use Mirrorball Motor X-MBM2 or X-MBM3 with this effect piece.

- Extra Resistant to cracking
- Security ring with axis connction
- Polyfoam Core, uses 3/4" Glass Mirror Tiles
- Use Mirrorball Motor X-MBM2 (1 RPM) or X-MBM3 (1 RPM) with this effect piece
- Increased Reflective Tiles
- More Colorful Effect
- Classic with Pin Spot (sold separately)

Weight: 65.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
42.00"L X 42.00"D X 46.00"H
Weight: 66.00 lbs