2016 Holstein Apprentice 1/2 Size Violin w Finger Indicator

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Holstein makes incredible violins.  Our price for our new Holstein Apprentice violins is $980, so this one is truly a steal. This half size violin was used for a few lessons in our store. Our professional instrument repairman put a finger indicator on the neck and installed small tuners (over $60 additional value), so that the instrument can be tuned easily and often more accurately than with the wooden pegs alone.

We've provided close up photos of the flaws (a couple very tiny scratches, and a tiny scrape off the back of the mechanism that hold the chin rest on). These flaws are TINY and in no way compromise the quality sound that this instrument can produce!  The tone is still incredible, and the ease of playing is like any Holstein -- smooth and easy.  

This is the perfect violin for your young violinist!